b'WHY CHOOSE ECS? APPLICATION GUIDE CONTENTSHundreds of hours and thousands of dollars were spent bringing your car back to its original glory. Throughout this catalog, the symbols Why compromise your restoration by choosing items that do not look like the originals?listed below are used to describe how to apply the stickers/decals . CHRYSLERE.C.S. Automotive Concepts manufactures the ONLY reproduction products exact in quality and appearance to those originally offered by Chrysler. Select the best! Sticker/decal is continuouslyEngine / Exhaust / Axle 1-4rolled around object until fully Original Resonator ECS Reproduction Original Voltage Regulator ECS Reproduction applied . Lights / Electric 4-8Sticker/decal is rolled around object once, stuck to itself,Interior / Exterior 8-11resembling a flag .Trunk Area Decals. 12Sticker/decal is put on flat, following the contour of the surface . Chrysler Decal Packages 13 VIN Data Decals. 14 Date Coded Glass 14Original Decal ECS ReproductionFactory Exact Exhaust Systems . 15 Metal Parts . 16-19Rust Prevention. 19Original Decal ECS ReproductionOriginal Decal ECS ReproductionThank you for your business!Original Decal ECS Reproduction WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COMOriginal Decal ECS Reproduction 1 - 8 5 5 - 5 3 2 - 7 8 4 6David WaldenOUTSIDE OF THE US: 636-536-2221 Proverbs 22:3'