b'METAL PARTS / RUST PREVENTIONA/C LINE - VAC LINE HEMI B & E-BODY SIX WAY SEAT PLATES$23.00 $31.00 pr.Part # Year ApplicationPart # Year ApplicationCMP41 1966-1971 A/C Line - Vac Line HemiCMP39 1970-1971 B & E-Body Six Way Seat PlatesHEMI CHOKE HEAT TUBE BRACKETS B & E-BODY SIX WAY SEAT STUD PLATES$19.00 pr. $39.00 pr.Part # Application Part # Year ApplicationCMP42 Hemi Choke Heat Tube Brackets CMP40 1970-1971 B & E-Body Six Way Seat Stud PlatesB&E-BODY CORE SUPPORT A/C LINE CLAMP SIX WAY SEAT RETAINER CLIP$10.00 $6.00Part # Year Application Part # ApplicationCMP43 1966-1974 B&E-Body Core Support A/C Line Clamp CMP44 All B & E-Body With Six Way SeatMetal Protection / Rust PreventionMAGIC GUARD RUST PREVENTION MAGIC (RPM)Magic Guard is a Patented Multi-UseFor years, restorers and Car Care Product that Protects Wheels,enthusiasts have tried to Prevents Rust and Repels Rain! solve the dilemma of what to do with natural, bare metalWheels: Protects Chrome, Aluminium,components. Most products Magnesium and all other wheels from brakechanged the look of the part dust & road grime. or provided mixed results.Rust Prevention: Protects bare, coated andRPM allows you to retain the plated metals by creating durable, impenetrableoriginal look while providing barrier. (4 ounce shown) superior protection against oxidation and rust. (8 ounce shown) Glass: Enhances visibility with water beading technology, prevents water spots.Part # Size Application Price Part # Size Application PriceMG1 1 ounce All Vehicles $6 .99 RPM1 1 ounce All Vehicles $7 .95MG4 4 ounce All Vehicles $14 .99 RPM4 4 ounce All Vehicles $19 .95MG8 8 ounce All Vehicles $24 .99 RPM8 8 ounce All Vehicles $34 .95MAGIC GUARD + RPM BUNDLE Part # Size Application Price1 conatiner of Magic Guard andMGRPM4 4 ounce All Vehicles (Save 15%)$29 .991 container of RPM MG4RPM8 8 ounce All Vehicles (Save 17%) $49 .9919 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM 32'