b'FACTORY EXACT EXHAUST SYSTEMS METAL PARTS Factory Exact Exhaust Systems Metal PartsE-BODY EXHAUST SYSTEMS440+6 IDLE SOLENOID WIRE BRACKET EARLY BUILD 1970 E-BODY BRAKE VALVE STRAP$16.00 $8.001970-1974 E-BODY VEHICLES*RESONATORS Chrysler Licensed Pentastar Logo Part # Year Application Correct Date Coding and LayoutPart # ApplicationCMP14 1970-1971 440+6 Throttle Return Spring Bracket Correct Spot Welds and Seam CrimpingsCMP22 Early Build 1970 E-Body Brake Valve StrapWeep Hole and Correct BafflingRECTANGLE WASHER FOR TRANS. MOUNT (ALL VEHICLES) ALL VEHICLES FUEL AND BRAKE LINE CLAMP Identical Factory Dimensions $12.00 pr. $6.00 ea. Aluminized O.E. FinishMUFFLERS Welded-On Over-the-Axle PipesLicensed Pentastar LogoComplete Systems or Individual Components Available Part # Year Application Part # Year Application Correct Early Hanger BracketB-BODY EXHAUST SYSTEMSCMP15 1966-1974 Rectangle Washer For Trans. Mount (All Vehicles) CMP23 1966-1974 All Vehicles Fuel And Brake Line Clamp Correct Date-Code FormatCorrect Internal Baffling and Weep Hole 1968-1970 B-BODY VEHICLES E-BODY EXHAUST HANGER AT REAR OF MUFFLERS CUDA SIDE MARKER LIGHT RETAINERMUFFLERS $31.00 pr. $39.00 ea. Aluminized O.E. FinishHEAD PIPESCorrect DimensionsClamp-On or O.E. Weld-OnCorrect Date-Code FormatPart # Year Application Includes Flats/Dimples like the OriginalsCrushed Edge for Clearance Part # Year Application CMP24 1970-1971 Cuda Side Marker Light Retainer Aluminized, O.E. Natural Steel, or StainlessAluminized O.E. Finish CMP16 1970-1974 E-Body Exhaust Hanger At Rear Of MufflersH-PIPES REAR LEAF SPRING MOUNTING PLATES RESONATORS DATE CODESAluminized, O.E. Natural Steel, or Stainless B&E BODY E-BRAKE CABLE CLAMP $31.00 set 2049-7/23/1969-1970sTAIL PIPES $8.00 1960-7/15/1970-1971 & LaterAluminized FinishMUFFLER DATE CODESPart # Year Application 1839-7/02/1969-1970s Driver SideMUFFLER DATE CODES CMP17 1968-1970 B&E Body E-Brake Cable ClampPart # Year Application 1889-7/07/1969-1970s Pass. Side 2058-7/23/1968-1968 - 1969 CMP13 1966-1970 B-Body Rear Leaf Spring Mounting Plates (Set Of Four) 2010-7/20/1970-1971 & Later Driver Side0279-1/27/1969-1969 - 1970B&E BODY VEHICLES TRANS. WIRE BRACKETS 1970-1971 E-Body Rear Leaf Spring Mounting Plates (Set Of Four) 1890-7/08/1970-1971 & Later Pass. Side2059-7/24/1969-1970s* Price per set HEMI ALT. BRACKETS$46.00 pr.SADDLE CLAMPSBOLTS/NUTS GASKETS Q CLAMPS2.25 - Identical Correct Mounting Correct Metal Flange &Exact Duplicate of Originalto Assembly LineHardware for Pipe toGasket For V8s Except Hemi Including StampingsPart # Year Application Price Mainfold Flangesand Later Small Blocks2 Sizes AvaiaibleHANGERS CMP19 1966-74 B&E Body Vehicles Trans. Wire Brackets (Auto) $16.00 Part # Application B & E Body CMP20 1966-70 B&E Body Vehicles Trans. Wire Brackets (Manual) $19.00 CMP11 Hemi Alt. Brackets 15 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM 16'