b'INTERIOR / EXTERIOR TRUNK AREA DECALSVEHICLE INFORMATION PLASTIC SLEEVE CUSTOM CAR METAL KEY TAGS Trunk Area Decals$16.00This is the two-compartment plastic sleeve that held the vehicles paper work whenE-Body Trunk Mats FELT JACK MAST PADthe car was delivered new. It$149.00+ Shipping $16.00 holds the operations manual, warranty card and all otherThis is the felt strip pad that cushions vehicle instructions. These stainless steel gems are customthe jack mast inside the trunk. Felt ordered to exact vehicle specifications.strip adheres to the small U shaped area (mounting brace) that is on the Part # Year Application Two versions are available. These stainless plates incorporate a miniaturedrivers side rear inner wheel housing.VIN decal on the front, accompanied by a Chrysler Plymouth/Dodge logo CPS10 1969-1971 Chrysler Vehicles (Other years may apply) stamped on the back. The first version uses the model and year for itsPart # Year Applicationcustom print. For those who really want to personalize their key tag, weCJC10 1970-1974 E Body Vehicles. Note: Other vehicles may have used this part.provide a miniature VIN that has the exact build date and VIN number ofFinally a trunk mat that is Real Exact Print and Colorthe vehicle. This is a really unique and personalize way to keep your prize Real Rubber with Textured Back like Rubber (Not Vinyl), Fits and Looksthe OriginalsFACTORY EXACT VIN PLATE TRANSFER & RIVETS possession separate from your daily drivers! FACTORY EXACT.These are Cut to fit Exactly Like the FactoryCHRYSLER GAS TANK MATPart # Application Price properly cut and sized.just as usedInstalled MatsThis latex ink dry transfer is a perfecton the original assembly line!Stamped with Chrysler Part Number$30.00reproduction of the original usedCMT10-D All years with Model and Production Year on a Miniature VIN$20 .00 and Pentastar as Originalby Chrysler. They are basically aSticker (Dodge) Goes between the portable stamping and do notCMT10-P All years with Model and Production Year on a Miniature VIN$20 .00 gas tank and body.require baking or other difficultSticker (Plymouth)application procedures. Transfer timeCMT11-D All years with Specific Date and Actual VIN Number Printed on VIN$32 .00takes about 15 seconds! CompleteSticker (Dodge)instructions included. CMT11-P All years with Specific Date and Actual VIN Number Printed on VIN$32 .00 Part # Year ApplicationSticker (Plymouth)CGM10B 1968-1970 All B-Body VehiclesPart # Year Application Price CGM10E 1970-1974 All E-Body VehiclesCCT10R 1968-1974 All vehicles - NOS rivets! $29 .00 pr . ANTENNA GASKETCGM10A 1967-1976 All A-Body VehiclesCCT10 1968-1974 All Vehicles that used the Light Gray Chrysler$24 .00 $3.00eachCorporation Stamping on the Dash VIN PlateCCT10S 1968-1974 Transfer and Rivet SetLight Gray Dry transfer w/ $53 .00 set This gasket fits under the bezel to the fenderJACKING INSTRUCTIONS DECALtwo NOS rivets! mounted radio antennae. Size and material just$9.00 like the original.Part # Year Application This decal is located on the under side of the trunk deck lid. Placement varied, but most were located in FACTORY EXACT PACKAGE TRAYS CAG10 1970-1971 B and E Body Cars Part # Year Application the upper-center area of the trunk lid.Note: Two different part numbers were used for ECS has worked with a majorCHRYSLER CONVERTIBLE CAUTION DECAL CTM01 1970-1971 Dodge Challenger 70-71 E Body vehicles.Both styles are correct for manufacturer to come up withCTM02 1970-1971 Plymouth Barracuda / Cudaeither convertible or hardtop models.the most correct package trays$10.00Part # Year Applicationon the market. These itemsFACTORY CORRECT 1970 R/T LONGITUDINAL STRIPES CJD17 1967-1968 A Body Cars - Chrysler #2533529incorporate the correct 18 hole, 9 row configuration. For$160.00 CJD12 1968-1969 B Body Cars Except Charger (1968-Early 1969)vehicles that require the rearPart # Application Chrysler #2856101speaker option, they also haveCJD21 1969 Dodge Charger - Chrysler #2856102the correct grain pattern that was used on the original Chrysler version. ECSCDT20 Located on the Top of the Convertible Header above the DriverCJD22 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Scissor Jack Instructionsoffers all three correct grain styles to meet every requirement. Chrysler #3412623Smooth Colors Textured Colors SPACE SAVER SPARE CANISTER SLEEVE/DECAL CJD18 1969-1970 A Body Cars - Chrysler #2931180$21.00/11.00 CJD13 1969-1970 B Body Vehicles Except Charger (Late 1969-1970)Chrysler #2931182This sleeve is located on the SpaceCJD19 1970 Dodge Charger - Chrysler #2931183Saver Inflator Bottle. The canisterECS spent in excess a year to bring these factory exact stripes to the MoparCJD16 1970 Superbird Front End Special Jacking Instructionssleeve w/decal is available or just thehobby. These stripes are a perfect match to the originals that were used in Space Saver Spare decal. 1970. They are manufactured with quality 3M material and are the BESTCJD10 1970 E Body Cars (Early/Mid 1970) - Chrysler #2931181ON THE MARKET! No expense was spared to guarantee that every detailCJD11 1970-1971 E Body Cars (Late 1970) - Chrysler #2962995Part # Year Application Price Part # Year Application was reproduced exactly like the factory originals. Many colors available. CJD15 1971 Satellite/Coronet/Charger - Chrysler #2962720CPT10 1968-1972 Vehicles w/o Speaker Slots $39 .00 CSC10 1970-1971 E Body Vehicles (Decal w/Canister Sleeve) $21 .00 Part # Year Application CJD20 1972-1974 A-Body Vehicles - Chrysler #3686767CPT11 1968-1972 Vehicles w/Speaker Slots $64 .00 CSC11 1970-1971 E Body Vehicles (Decal Only) $11 .00 CLS10 1970 Challenger R/T Stripes CJD14 1972-1974 E Body Cars - Chrysler #359570111 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM 12'