b'INTERIOR / EXTERIOR INTERIOR / EXTERIORCARB/CHOKE PULL CABLE DECAL TIRE PRESSURE DECALS DODGE / PLYMOUTH DEALERSHIP BUMPER DECAL SEAT BELT PART NUMBER/DATE LABELS$13.00$8.00$13.00$15.00per labelDecal is located on the pull handle of the carb/chokeThis decal is located in the drivers side door jam area,This decal is found on the back of theThese labels were attached on cable. The handle attaches to the underside of the lowerapproximately 2 inches below the door striker pin. vehicle, usually on the trunk lid edge,all seatbelts manufactured for dash area (For Fresh Airequipped vehicles). rear tail light panel or bumper. It statesthe Chrysler Corporation. Their the dealership name and location. location depended on seatbelt Part # Year Application applications and usage.CCC10 1970 Vehicles Equipped w/Fresh Air Option (Carb Air") *40 Dealers to choose from (20 Dodge dealerships, 20 Plymouth dealerships)Part # Year Application Part # Year ApplicationCCC11 1971 Vehicles Equipped w/Fresh Air Option (Choke")" CTP10 1968 B Body Cars: Early w/383 & 440 CID Engines Dodge Dealerships CSB10 1968-1971 B and E Body Vehicles7 .75x14 & 7 .75x15 Tires- Chrysler #3400453 Suburban - Metuchen, NJ Chuck Swift - Sacramento, CA Palmer - Indianapolis, INHEADLIGHT DELAY DECAL Westfield - Westfield, NY Brookhurst - Garden Grove, CA Philp - Lansing, MICTP11 1968 B Body Cars: Late w/383 & 440 CID Engines Sonny Bowers - Lancaster, SC Central MTRS. - Hagerstown, MD Garland - Dallas, TXMcKeon - El Paso, TX Burgin - Knoxville, TN Pomona - Pomona, CA$8.00F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3400454 Village - Bristol, CT Jackson - Poplar Bluff, MO Downtown - Atlanta, GACTP12 1968 B Body Cars: Late w/426 CID Engines Kingston - Kingston, PA Pickard Dunn - Greensboro, NC Colorado - Boulder, CO NEW CAR DELIVERY TAGThis decal is located above theF70x15 Tires- Chrysler #3400455 Signal - Mehlville, MO Pointe - Grosse Pte Woods, MI $10.00headlight switch on the front faceCTP34 1969 A Body Cars -7 .00x13 & 6 .95x14 Tires - Chrysler #3400494 Plymouth Dealershipsof the instrument panel.CTP13 1969 A Body Cars w/340 CID Engine Joes Chrysler City - Shoals, IN C H Dimmette Inc. - Santa Monica, CA Diamond Chrysler - Kansas City, MOWest Side Motors - Newark, NJ Ken Brown Inc. - Detroit, MI Edgett Plymouth - Rancho Cordova, CAPart # Year Application D70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3400476 Parkway Motors Inc. - Fulton, NY Hoosier Chrysler - Indianapolics, IN Preston Plymouth - Dallas, TXTom Davis Motors - Fostoria, OH Gateway Chrysler - Omaha, NE Frey Motors - Lewistown, PACHD10 1970-1971 All Vehicles Equipped with Time Delay Headlights CTP15 1969 A Body Cars: 340, 383 & 440 CID Engines Freeman Motor Co. - Lumberton, NC Hessing Chrysler - Boise, ID Babylon Chrysler - West Babylon, NY This key tag was used for all new vehicles that were shipped by rail to their E70x14 Tires - Chrysler #3400485 Fred F. Cain - Wilmington, MA Monroe Chrysler - Toeldo, OH Mason Chrysler - Royal Oak, MIS L Savage Inc. - Seattle, WA Red Smith Chrysler - Kilgore, TX various destinations. It was used to identify each vehicle concerning its row SAFETY STANDARDS DECAL CTP16 1969 B Body Cars: 318, 383 2bbl & 383 4bbl CID Engines and location on the rail carrier. An authentic factory correct detail!7 .75x14 & 7 .75x15 Tires- Chrysler #3400481 Part # Year Application$9.00CTP14 1969 B Body Cars: 383 w/4bbl, 440 Six Pack, 440 w/4bbl w/o AC CDB10 1968-1971 Various Dodge and Plymouth Dealerships Part # Year ApplicationF70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3400477 CCD10 1968-1971 All Chrysler VehiclesThis decal is located in the front CTP17 1969 B Body Cars: 383 w/4bbl, 440 w/4bbl w/ACdoor jam (A pillar) area above theF70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3400486 PLYMOUTH & DODGE PRE-DELIVERY FLOOR MATSdoor jam light switch. CTP18 1969 B Body Cars: 426 CID Engine -F70x15 Tires- Chrysler #3400487 $19.00 /pair WARRANTY DISCLAIMER DECALPart # Year Application CTP19 1969 Daytona Cars w/440 CID EngineCSD10 1968-1969 All Vehicles F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402105 These paper mats were$10.00 CTP33 1970 A Body Cars -C78x14 & 6 .95x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402051 placed on the floor of a newThis decal is located on the inside of the glove ENGINE STARTING INSTRUCTIONS CARD CTP25 1970 B Body Cars: 383, 440 & 426 CID Engines vehicle at the dealership,box door and informed the owner that the F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402068 just prior to customercar was not intended for highway or general $9.00CTP37 1970 Dart Cars -E70x14 Tires - Chrysler #3402056 pickup/delivery. passenger car use.This instruction card came from the dealerCTP38 1970 E body Cars w/318 CID Engine Part # Year Applicationand hung from the directional turn signal leverE78x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402057CWD10 1964-1965 Chrysler Factory Race Vehicleslocated on the steering column. CTP24 1970 E Body Cars w/340 Six Pack (TA & AAR Vehicles) 1968 Chrysler Factory Race VehiclesE60x15 Front / G60x15 Rear- Chrysler #3402098Part # Year Application Part # Year ApplicationCTP23 1970 E Body Cars w/426 CID Engine (All)CSE10 1970-1971 All Vehicles F60x15 Tires- Chrysler #3402064 CSM10 1968-1971 Plymouth Cars (All) Blue Print Mats CHRYSLER SCAT PACK QUARTER WINDOW BEESCTP21 1970 E body Cars w/440 Six Pack -E60x15 Tires- Chrysler #3402059 CSM11 1968-1971 Dodge Cars (All) Red Print Mats $16.00/pairHEADLIGHT DOOR ROTATE DECAL CTP22 1970 E Body Cars: 340 4bbl, 383 w/2bbl & 4bbl, & 440 w/4bbl w/o AC$8.00F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402062CTP31 1970 E Body Cars: 440 w/4bbl w/AC WINDOW (MSRP) STICKERSThis decal was located on the flat topF70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402063 $125.00area of the radiator core support. CTP20 1970-1972 Duster & Demon Cars w/340 CID EngineE70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402055 These window price stickers were located Part # Year Application CTP32 1971 A Body Cars -6 .95x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402334 on the passenger side window.LocationPart # Year ApplicationCHR10 1970 Vehicles Equipped with Hidden Headlight Option CTP26 1971 B Body Cars -G70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402163 could vary depending on the dealership theCSP10 1968-1970 Dodge Scat Pack - Correct Cutout StyleCHR11 1971 Vehicles Equipped with Hidden Headlight Option CTP27 1971 B Body Cars -F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402336 vehicle was sold through or the model type.Note:Customer must provide a copyCHRYSLER CORPORATION WARRANTY BROCHURECTP30 1971 E Body Cars w/426 CID Engine (All) of original window sticker or the dealer SEATBELT BUCKLE LATCH PAD F60x15 Tires- Chrysler #3402330 $12.00$10.00set CTP29 1971-1974 E Body Cars: 340, 383, 440 4bbl, 440 Six Pack w/14 Inch Wheels advance shipper.F70x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402331 A second copy or second form page will be $30.00 each. This warranty booklet explains the terms and conditions This pad is located under the claspCTP35 1971 E Body Vehicles -E60x15 Tires- Chrysler #3402333 The factory applied adhesive is an additional $6.00 per window sticker. of Chrysler Corporations Automobile Warranty. It was of the seatbelt buckle head. It waspart of the paperwork that came with the vehicle when used by the manufacturer to keep theCTP36 1971-1972 Dart/Swinger Cars -6 .95x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402339 If you wish to have an aged appearance (for a survival vehicle), we offer thisdelivered from the factory.assembly quiet and rattle free. The final detail for factory restored seatbelts! CTP28 1971-1972 E Body Cars w/318 CID Engine service for an additional $20.00 per window sticker. Part # Year Application7 .35x14 Tires- Chrysler #3402317Part # Year Application Part # Year Application CCW10 1970 Chrysler Corporation Vehicles (All)CAG10 1967-1974 All Vehicles (set of 8) -Other years may apply CWS11 1969-1971 All Chrysler & Dodge Vehicles CCW11 1971 Chrysler Corporation Vehicles (All)9 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ECSAUTOMOTIVE.COM 10'